With three pricing packages and no overhead or integration costs, there’s always a right solution for your project.
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  • Xsolla is a Merchant of Record (MoR) - we calculate, pay, and report all taxes including VAT
  • Xsolla provides storefront solutions that allow configuration and management of virtual items, virtual currency, subscriptions, event based promotions, and recurring payments
  • Xsolla is responsible for all sales-associated risks and protects partners from fraud and chargebacks
  • You sign only one agreement and get immediate access to 700+ payment systems
  • You receive scheduled monthly revenue share payments
*Payment system fees may apply
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  • Xsolla is the Technical Service Provider meaning partners will receive full-scale Xsolla solutions excluding the features listed below:
  • Partners assume responsibility for managing tax-related issues
  • Partners sign separate agreements with payment systems
  • Partners retain direct money flow from payment systems
  • Partners remain in charge for managing payment system fees, payout conditions, and operating costs
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